Who is Earth Supply


…our mission is to inspire others to make “One Small Change” and protect our oceans and waterways from harmful single-use plastic items...

There should be something that everyone is passionate about. That one thing that gives you a feeling being plugged in and being your authentic self. It gives you permission to be creative and to follow a purpose instead of a paycheck. A way to give back and be a part of something bigger.

Earth Supply Company is that passion for founder Brian Burrows and it started in his garage in 2018 and has been growing ever since.

Brian’s travel, life and beach trekking experience inspired him to focus on a simple everyday product that was in common use 50 years ago. Paper Straws. They could be used and discarded with a zero-effect on our pollution and could replace the single-use plastic straws that are overwhelming our oceans and waterways worldwide.  This soon evolved into a full line of Eco-friendly to-go ware for restaurants and hotels alike

He is constantly improving and working on the nuts and bolts of the operation, marketing and networking, determined to launch and run a small business with a purpose.

Inside Earth Supply

 The commitment to recycling and reuse is evident once you step foot into Earth Supply’s new warehouse and business office. There is a solid commitment from our people and partners to limit and prohibit the use of poly’s and plastics wherever possible. Although there is a need to package the product safely there are still bins that are dedicated to recycling components at every turn and Brian has made it a lifestyle choice that has become a habit.

Earth Supply has partnered with another local supplier who provides eco-friendly dining ware, flat ware and drink ware who is committed to these very same values of responsibility and fosters relationships with other companies following this environmentally friendly path. 

On the Horizon

 Brian Burrows engages the public with topics of awareness at the Historic Dallas Farmers Market, to further the mission of sustainability and has pledged to give a portion of the proceeds to one of several ocean defenders including Sea Shepherd or the USVI’s Friends of the Park program. 

He also actively eco-treks and volunteers his travel time to beach and coastal cleanup as well as local freshwater cleanup activities. Making good friends and meeting new family along the way.

We are hoping that this message will ring true and restaurants and other food service providers will start purchasing from a “purpose” company, like Earth Supply, over large box supply chains that are still selling poly/plastic across the spectrum of restaurant needs instead of smart business practices that make us responsible stewards for industry and our oceans.


Earth Supply is constantly working on new projects and engagements here in Dallas and will be a 2019 sponsor and exhibitor at the Earthx Expo in April. Continuing to form new positive partnerships and working towards making “One Small Change".

Paper Straws

Our Goal

Protection our oceans and marine life are vital to our survival

Earth Supply Company was formed to sell eco-friendly to-go products to restaurants, caterers and conscientious consumers to address the negative impact caused by the consumption of single-use plastic items on the environment.

Sustainable Products


More importantly, we wanted to sell a product that can help us reduce and reverse the devastating impact their counterpart is having on our oceans, marine life and invariably our very own food supply.

Making The Change

Paper straws help reduce the negative impact of single use plastic straws on all marine life

We hope that by starting with environmentally responsible products and replacing single-use items we can create some "green" jobs and provide smart alternatives to plastic that will keep our planet healthy, our animals healthy and ourselves healthy!

Smart defenders and awareness advocates

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